Air pad
for climbing

The Air pad combines a waterproof polyurethane layer with a high-performance textile structure. It effectively absorbs shocks thanks to its air thickness. Inflatable and deflatable as desired, it is ideal for transporting or storing in a limited space.

SNAP x Infl8

We are currently working with SNAP Climbing to create an inflatable crashpad to make bouldering protection more efficient, compact and durable : The Air Shock One

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Core benefits

High Perfomance

Compact & Transportable

Inflatable and deflatable as desired, it is ideal for transporting or storing in a limited space. It makes traveling easy, whether on foot, by bike, by motorbike, or in a car full of friends !


Hight impact capacity

The layer of air created by the Air pad allows good shock absorption with limited rebound. Ensuring a safe reception for your ankles and back.

Durable & Recyclable

Durable & Reparable

Thanks to Infl8 technology, the Air pad doesn't break down with each imact like a classic crashpad in foam. The cover is also removable, its offers a great repairability and durability.

Do you want the next level crashpad for bouldering ?

We are air shapers. We design & adapt our technology to your products.

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Do crashpads equipped with infl8 technology garenty a safety landing ?

Infl8 technology minimizes rebound and optimizes energy absorption during impact. Although it feels slightly different from a traditional pad, it allows you to land safely without posing any particular risk to your ankles, knees, back, or other joints.

WARNING : Similar to a classic crash pad, an Air pad is designed to cushion falls while bouldering. While effective, it does not guarantee injury prevention upon impact, and the manufacturer disclaims all responsibility for misuse.

How resistant is the Infl8 presurised membrane ?

The membrane is constructed from durable TPU and reinforced with a layer of high-performance fabric, all encased in an ultra-resistant cover that protects against abrasion, perforation, tearing, and more. It's not easy to break through, we promise!

How long does the pad stay inflated?

Infl8 technology is designed to maintain constant pressure for extended periods, even under mechanical stress. However, it is recommended to check and re-inflate the pad regularly, ideally no more than once per session.

What do I do if the pad suffers a leak?

No worries, you can return it to us for repair. We are also developing a solution for individuals, allowing anyone to repair leaks, similar to patching a bicycle tire.

Do I have to completely deflate my pad at the end of each session?

Absolutely not, the pad can remain inflated. It is simply preferable to lower the pressure when not in use to minimize mechanical stress on the structure.

What inflation methods can I use to inflate my pad?

Any inflation method compatible with the pad's valve can be used. For example, a mattress/paddle pump or a small electric compressor. Preferably, use a method that provides a high volume of air.
Be careful, however, not to exceed the maximum pressure indicated on the valve.