Reusable Packair for reverse logistics

Infl8 technology is a new generation of highly protective and reusable packaging, perfect for fragile goods. It is made of ultra-resistant fabric inflated with air for e-commerce merchants.

Once deflated, it can be easily sent back as a letter.

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Medium Size

No more single-use packaging:
the low-waste era is here

Multi packaging
No more damaged mercandise

No more damagedmerchandise

Our tests prove it, there is nothing better than air to protect your parcels. Faced with a shock, the air's surface compresses and absorbs all the impact.

Delivered safe and sound: our reusable Packair can be used to ship products like consumers electronics, cosmetics and other fragile goods.

Air means lower shipping costs

Our air products are lighter than conventional protection or shipping materials. They help you reduce shipping costs and your carbon footprint at the same time.

Air means low carbon footprint

Each reusable Packair eliminates the need for 10 single-use packaging. It help you to reduce your carbon footprint and the global packaging waste.

Air means low carbon footprint


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Kilograms of
waste saved


% lower carbon

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*comparison made with cardboard packaging, according to the results of the LCA (see FAQ below)
Ready to use

Ready to use (again and again)

When the consumer receives their parcel, there is nothing to throw away. The Packair can be easily deflated and sent back as a letter.

Core benefits

hight protection

Highly protective

Thanks to its protective layer of air, Infl8 technology protects better than any other protective material.

Adjustable & Foldable

Multi impact

Products equipped with Infl8 technology can be inflated to ensure protection or deflated to be easily transported.


After a shock, Infl8 technology returns to its original state and can be used again. The product life is longer than ever.


What are the possible applications for our infl8 Packair?

The applications are endless. Today, we have standard packaging in the catalog (smartphone packaging, small, medium and large size packaging). Our know-how allows us to produce tailor-made packaging according to your needs.

As a professional, how can infl8 Packair fit into our shipping process?

We offer several models, we adapt to your needs. In general, Infl8 takes care of the maintenance and the end of life of the packaging, the rest is up to you!

Why is infl8 technology ideal for making reusable packaging?

Infl8 technology uses pressurised air, creating a number of advantages to using our packaging. The air creates packaging that protects better, protection that does not deteriorate with time nor use. And, once deflated, the packaging can be compacted, returned, and reused.

Does an infl8 Packair really protect better than a classic cardboard packaging?

Infl8 technology allows for ultra-protective packaging and the capacity of this protection always remains the same ⇒ pressurised air absorbs all shocks during transport of the product and does not deteriorate like conventional cardboard. In addition, it is not sensitive to humidity like cardboard can be.

What is the lifespan of infl8 reusable Packair?

As long as the structural integrity is sufficiently well maintained to contain the pressurised air, packaging using Infl8 technology is infinitely reusable and will never lose its protectiveness. During the design, the materials are chosen according to the use of the packaging. We therefore adapt the shelf life according to the packaging designed. Our standard packaging can be reused hundreds of times, provided the packaging is always returned at the end of its use.

Is the environmental impact of infl8 packaging really less than that of cardboard? Result of the LCA:

Scientific studies was carried out (LCA: Life Cycle Assessment study with external firms) in order to compare our solution (Packair 6 bottles) with a non-reusable market equivalent. Studies prove that our solution provides an environmental gain compared to single-use solutions such as cardboard. Packaging has the most important impact on the environment at the moment of its fabrication, but also in its lifespan. Due to its reuse, the environmental impact of manufacturing the Packair is divided by the number of cycles it undergoes. According to the study, it only takes 3 reuses to be ecologically profitable.

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