Brain Protection while cycling

Thanks to their architecture leverage air, infl8 helmets are 8x more compact and up to 4x more protective than a traditional helmet.

How does it work ?

Pressurised air is trapped in tailored and ultra-resistant textiles, which have the ability to be highly protective when inflated, and foldable when deflated.

Air pressure can be adjusted with our signature valve.

Best protection capacity so far.

The average deceleration value at impact in an object protected with a layer of pressurised air is up to 4x higher than any other solid material.

These results are verified by our engineers in internal labs as well as by third-party certifying laboratories.

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Ultra Compact

Ease of transport by deflating it: Once deflated and reduced to its minimal volume, the helmet with infl8 technology fits in a pocket or bag.

It is therefore easier to always carry it with you.


During an impact, infl8 helmets compress to cushion the impact before returning to their original shape and can be reused again compared to traditional helmets

Core benefits

hight protection

High Protection

Thanks to its protective layer of air, Infl8 technology protects better than any other protective material.

Adjustable & Foldable

Adjustable & Foldable

Products equipped with Infl8 technology can be inflated to ensure protection or deflated to be easily transported.


After a shock, Infl8 technology returns to its original state and can be used again. The product life is longer than ever.

The world's safest cycling helmet protection technology

The tests run in-house and by independant institutes have shown that the Bumpair cycling helmet, which incorporates infl8 technology, is more protective than any other helmet on the market.

The Bumpair helmet was recently awarded the 2022 French road safety innovation prize, in the two-wheel category.

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Do helmets equipped with infl8 technology comply with safety regulations?

Yes absolutely ! They meet the requirements of the CE standard EN1078, on personal protective equipment for cyclists. The series of crash tests (sidewalk anvil, flat anvil, tearing) are carried out by an independent French laboratory specializing in the safety checks of consumer products intended for the general public.

How long do helmets equipped with infl8 technology last?

Its depends on various factors responsible for deterioration, including sudden changes in temperature, its degree of exposure to the sun and the intensity of its use. The inflation and deflation frequency of the helmet also influences the lifespan of the product. We recommend changing your helmet every 5 years if all the lights are green until then. Like all helmet for that matter.

How do you know if the helmet is inflated to the correct pressure?

Before each ride, you should always check with the built-in pressure indicator on the back of the helmet that the helmet is inflated to the correct optimum protective pressure of 2 Bars or 29psi. Indicator lights allow you to translate this pressure:
- Flashing red = lower than 29 PSI = DANGER pressure too low
- Steady green = 29 PSI = SAFE pressure ok
- Fixed red = greater than 29 PSI = DANGER pressure too high, risk of damage to the helmet and bursting

What do I do if the helmet suffers an impact?

Unlike a rigid helmet which must be changed after the slightest impact, a helmet equipped with Infl8 technology is made up of a volume of pressurized air which absorbs the impact without altering its protective capacity. As long as the pressure gauge tells you the correct operating pressure and you don't see any damage to the overall shell of the helmet, then it's compliant and protecting you.

How long does the helmet stay inflated?

Infl8 technology allows helmets to stay inflated to the same pressure without air loss. However, we recommend that you check the pressure using the pressure indicator before each use.

Do I have to completely deflate my helmet at the end of each ride?

It all depends on your needs. You can choose to leave it fully inflated at home or at work, to partially deflate it to store it in your bag or to deflate it completely during your outings, it's all the flexibility we offer you!