Our ambition is to reduce global waste by developing an AirTech industry that uses our air shaping technology in its products.

How does it work ?

Pressurised air is trapped in tailored and ultra-resistant textiles, which have the ability to be highly protective when inflated, and foldable when deflated.

Air pressure can be adjusted with our signature valve.

Core benefits

hight protection

High Protection

Thanks to its protective layer of air, Infl8 technology protects better than any other protective material.

Adjustable & Foldable

Adjustable & Foldable

Products equipped with Infl8 technology can be inflated to ensure protection or deflated to be easily transported.


After a shock, Infl8 technology returns to its original state and can be used again. The product life is longer than ever.

A scientific approach in air protection

We want to become leaders in brain, body and object protection using air.

Brain & Neurotrama

We are running a scientific study to be published in Journal of Neurotrauma in partnership with Allianz France & Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Épinière (APHP)

Life Cycle Analysis

We are looking for partners in LCA to study and improve durability of our products.


We are looking for partners in logistics to analyse the impacts of protection using air during transport.