Guide to Theft Prevention

26/04/2013 13:09
Theft of equipment from boats, trailers, outboard engines and even entire boats is still all too common, but there are many ways to minimise the risk to you. Your insurance policy may list certain requirements, so check your policy carefully. Thieves are looking for easy targets, so look...

Guide to RIB insurance

26/04/2013 12:54
If you require insurance for your RIB, but have been presented with a number of alternative policy wordings from a variety of companies, Noble Marine's Guide to RIB Insurance may help you decide the sort of policy you require. Full details of the cover provided and an interactive quotation...

Full Hypalon Re-tubes from £3,500

22/04/2013 21:50

Write to us with your feedback

22/04/2013 18:06
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